Deporvillage lives up to projections with another high-growth Black Friday -


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Deporvillage lives up to projections with another high-growth Black Friday

More than 21,000 orders and a turnover of 2.4 million euros on Black Friday.


Looking ahead to Christmas, the company expects to close the year with over 157 million in sales.


Despite the current economic situation, marked by inflation and an uncertain future, the sports e-commerce company deporvillage maintains its leading position, meeting its projections for Black Friday 2022. Thanks to the flexibility of the different teams to adapt to the situations that arose during the evolution of the campaign and a successful logistical reinforcement, the company was able to satisfy a volume of more than 86,000 orders during the week, and achieve a turnover of more than 9 million euros. “This week, thanks to the efforts of all departments, has gone better than expected, achieving the highest turnover day in the history of deporvillage last Friday”, said deporvillage business director Alex Reina.


With 12 years of experience, deporvillage has obtained enough know-how to successfully manage the peak seasons of the year, despite the complicated situation that retail, in particular the online pure players, is going through. This is why, thanks to the hard work of all its teams, deporvillage has successfully completed the Black Friday campaign despite the global instability we are experiencing this year.  We are very happy with the work of all our teams, which is the result of the growth we’ve had this past week, as well as the accumulated numbers for 2022,” he said.


One of the key reasons has undoubtedly been the reinforcement of the logistics department, which increased staff and loading capacities to cope with a figure that exceeded 21,000 orders per day on Black Friday.


With very tempting discounts and an extra 10% coupon, more than 2.3 million people visited the e-commerce site during the Black Friday week. The top 3 best-selling products were from the cycling and mountain selections, with shoes and electronics products being the most popular.


These are results that Reina values as “very satisfactory”, and for whom this means looking optimistically towards the imminent Christmas season, “although we are cautious due to the great unknowns that exist, we believe that with the arrival of the cold weather we will fulfil the expectations we have set for the season”.


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About Deporvillage

Founded in 2010 by Xavier Pladellorens and Àngel Corcuera, Deporvillage is the leading online sport material retailer in Spain, and a leader in Europe. It specialises in cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, fitness and outdoor sports. It currently sells more than 100,000 products from more than 680 top brands worldwide and has 2,500,000 customers and more than 5 million visits per month.