Deporvillage ends a record year and closes 2020 with a turnover of more than 120 million euros -


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Deporvillage ends a record year and closes 2020 with a turnover of more than 120 million euros

The company doubles its sales compared to 2019 by processing more than 1.4 million orders.


The leading sports e-commerce in Spain, Deporvillage, has culminated the year of its tenth anniversary exceeding all expectations. The company based in Manresa has been able to respond effectively to the increase in customer demand and closed the year with more than 120 million euros in turnover, which is 60% above the estimate and a growth of 106% in relation to 2019.


Xavier Pladellorens, Deporvillage’s founder and CEO says that “we have exceeded all the estimates we had made, as we expected to close 2020 at around 75 million euros. During the second quarter of the year, we noticed the boom in online product sales and we had a feeling that we would reach it and could even surpass it”. This rapid growth has challenged all levels of the company, which in 2020 has implemented a new line of more agile and efficient order preparation; and has strengthened its team to reach a staff of more than 100 people. For Angel Corcuera, co-founder and CPO of Deporvillage, “the increase in sales and success is also explained by the fact that we have been able to respond to customer demand by obtaining a stock of products that have become strategic, as is the case of the turbo and roller trainers, which, with nearly 20,000 units sold, have presented constant breaks in stock throughout the second half of the year, being one of the products most demanded by customers and cycling stores”.


Overall, 2020 has been a boom for e-commerce, as the pandemic has accelerated the growth of online sales and forced many consumers to shop online for the first time. In addition, the sports sector has been one of the great beneficiaries of the confinement, since the closure of sports centres and the obligation to stay at home has meant that many people have started to practise sports at home, for which they need the training equipment. When the first lockdowns ended and practising sports outdoors was permitted, the sector once again benefited primarily from this, as many people launched themselves into cycling and running, two of the categories in which Deporvillage was already the leader.


With more than 80,000 products and over 500 top-level brands, Deporvillage closes 2020 with over 1.5 million customers worldwide, consolidating its position as a leader in southern Europe, especially in the cycling, outdoor and running sectors. Their websites (available in 6 languages) have managed to exceed 9 million visits per month and have served an average of 4,000 orders per day, all sent in 100% recyclable packaging. This year it is also worth noting that the sports e-commerce company became the Official Retailer of Licensed Products of the Tour de France, in addition to promoting the sale of bicycles in its catalogue and implementing a mechanical workshop that allows the shipment of bicycles tailored and adjusted to the customers’ needs.


For 2021, Pladellorens and Corcuera are confident to keep on improving and attracting new customers. “We have our sights set on continuing to offer the best products, as well as increasing offer by strengthening ourselves as a key partner for sports brands,” says Corcuera. For his part, Pladellorens confirms that “in 2021 we also want to focus on the development of our own brands, as demonstrated by the entry into the professional world of Finisseur with the sponsorship of the Burgos-BH Continental Professional team “.

About Deporvillage

Founded in 2010 by Xavier Pladellorens and Àngel Corcuera, Deporvillage is now Spain’s leading online sports retailer and among the top in Europe. The website specialises in cycling, running, triathlon, swimming, gym and outdoor sports and currently offers more than 60,000 products from around 560 premium brands. Deporvillage has around 400,000 customers and the site has more than four million visits per month. Throughout its life, the company has received support from SeedRocket, being represented by David Tomás from CyberClick and the investor Cabiedes & Partners. Among its shareholders are other important Venture Capital figures, such as Samaipata in Spain and P101 in Italy, as well as Grupo Mediaset.